Yesterday, the Quebec City Regional Centre of the Quebec Cancer Foundation saw the launch of Maudit Côlon, survivre au cancer colorectal by Paule Laflamme.
Based on the true story of Paule Laflamme, this book is intended for anyone affected by cancer.
The timing of the launch was not chosen at random, since September 3 marked was the 5th anniversary of the author’s remission.
In this book, she sends a real message of hope to all those going through the ordeal of cancer: "As soon as you lose hope, you admit defeat and the disease has everything it needs to move forward," she says.
Paule Laflamme's story is rather extraordinary: she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer with metastasis in her aorta and metastases in her pancreas that were considered non-operable. But Paule wanted to LIVE! That's why she did a lot of research to try and stop the progression of the disease and maybe beat it.
It was at this difficult time that the Quebec Cancer Foundation entered her life thanks to massage therapy: "I was barely able to move, so those massage sessions were like a balm for the all ills of my life. They soothed me, helped me to let go while the blood circulated back into my veins. What a moment of well-being! I recommend it for all the benefits it provides.”
Then, against all odds, they were able to remove the metastasis from her aorta, and the chemotherapy finally worked on the rest of the tumors. On September 3, her surgeon told her the good news: she had reached the long-awaited date of 5 years of remission.
She concludes her book by saying, “When my remission was announced, I decided to live my life differently. To enjoy the present moment more, not knowing how much time I have left. Will I ever have a recurrence? Will I get another cancer? Who knows? I don't know the future, but I do know now how fragile life is and that cancer is not just something that happens to others."
Her fabulous story is available in digital and print format, and can be ordered via her Facebook page Zerocancer Paule Laflamme or by email at
A portion of the profits from book sales will be donated to the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

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