My name is Marie-Charlotte. I am 31 years old and have been in remission from breast cancer for 6 months. You know, cancer spares no one, not even young adults. It can strike when we’re in the prime of our lives, as we are still searching for our identity, striving for independence, building our career and starting a family.
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had only been in Quebec for 18 months. I was just starting to get used to my new life here, a life I had chosen. I was actually very happy at the time! I made a decision: I would stay positive in the face of this challenge. Every day, I tried to enjoy a moment of happiness, despite the pain of a complete mastectomy, the side effects from radiation and chemotherapy, the endless visits to the hospital and the financial burden brought on by my need to stop working. In spite of it all, I kept my head above water and a smile on my face.
During that time, I stayed busy with many activities and outings. The Quebec Cancer Foundation was instrumental in this respect by providing me with the support I needed. I took advantage of the massage therapy to help me relax, the kinesiology service to reduce the swelling and discomfort and the art therapy workshops to help me express my emotions.
Without any art experience whatsoever, I was able to create beautiful pieces I am proud of! But what helped me most was having the chance to meet people who were going through the same thing. I could talk freely about what I was feeling and could open up to people who understood me. The art therapy workshops were, and continue to be a tremendous source of comfort for me.
Today I feel good and I would like to send a message to men and women who are struggling in the face of cancer. Don’t go it alone; don’t isolate yourself. Take advantage of all the services available to you, especially those of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.
You’ll meet people exactly like you and this will help you feel so much better. It sure helped me!
Marie-Charlotte Guy

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