The Quebec Cancer Foundation (QCF) is marking World Laughter Day by launching the Grand fou rire, a free, colourful, virtual event that will be hosted by the inimitable Rita Baga. On June 12, Global Wellness Day, the Foundation invites all Quebecers to show their support for people living with cancer by joining in the biggest laughing spree in the history of Quebec. Until then, the public can "warm up" by watching comedy spots featuring Guylaine Tanguay, Bruno Pelletier, Stéphane Crête and Sylvie Moreau.
The Grand fou rire was the brain child of Bernice, Rita and Martine, three beneficiaries of the laughter yoga workshops offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation. They enjoyed taking part in these workshops so much that they told themselves: in this difficult year we’re going through, why not let everyone in Quebec enjoy them!
“Before we knew it, the QCF had organized the very first edition of an event that we hope will raise awareness among as many Quebecers as possible,” says the Foundation's Director general Marco Décelles.

Why Laughter Yoga?
“Laughter yoga is the practice of laughing for no reason,”says Claude Couture, who facilitates the Foundation's workshops and will lead the June 12 session. “Your body can't tell the difference between natural and forced laughter. In both cases, it secretes a DOSE of happiness hormones: D for dopamine, O for oxytocin, S for serotonin, E for endorphin. Laughing is therefore a choice that we make for our own well-being, a means that we choose to change our state of mind. ” He added: “and whether you're currently going through cancer or recovering from it, having a regular appointment to experience a moment of pure fun without taking yourself seriously or asking yourself questions does your body and soul a world of good.”
Artists and personalities get in on the fun

To prepare themselves physically and mentally for the event, QCF spokesperson Guylaine Tanguay and former spokesperson Bruno Pelletier will be earnestly engaged in tuning up their vocal cords and their funny bones. Stéphane Crête and Sylvie Moreau will treat us to some of the very best of their insanely funny, improvised moments. A big thank you to the artists and to our host Rita Baga, all of whom have all agreed to give free rein to their madness on behalf of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

Between now and June 12, watch for the #legrandfourire keyword, to see which other artists and influencers join the movement!

The more the merrier!

When you’re living with cancer, whether during the pandemic or at any other time, your relationship with others often becomes more complex. To counter the loneliness and to guide the loved ones who accompany those who have been diagnosed, the Quebec Cancer Foundation offers a wide range of services, ranging from telephone peer matching to support groups  offering varied activities.

The QCF feels that people affected by cancer have suffered enough this past year from the effects of the pandemic, particularly with regard to offloading and delays in vaccination. On June 12, the QCF hopes to bring together thousands of Quebecers to raise awareness for the cause, while supplying a moment of profound well-being. For all the Bernices, Ritas and Martines of this world, this movement is our way of showing them that they are not alone; the entire province will be mobilizing to support them.

To participate, visit Registration is free, but every voluntary donation is welcome that will allow even more people to benefit from the services of the Quebec Cancer Foundation. The event will be held in virtual mode on June 12, Global Wellness Day, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. on.

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