On June 12 during Global Wellness Day, over 4,000 people were present at the first edition of Le Grand fou rire, an event organized by the Quebec Cancer Foundation (QCF) in support of people with cancer. On that day, 4,025 attendees from all over Quebec (and beyond!) joined the virtual event to laugh in unison with host Rita Baga, and laughter yoga coach Claude Couture, who gives the Laughter Yoga workshops at the QCF.

Last Saturday, smiles, laughter and giggles took center stage. “After this emotional pandemic year, it feels good to ease up and feel closer to people despite the distance. This event has proved to us that solidarity and benevolence are very much alive in Quebec,” says Martine Filoni. This free laughter yoga session gave participants the chance to fill up on happiness hormones and lower their stress levels, while boosting their physical, emotional and social health.

The Quebec Cancer Foundation has been offering Laughter Yoga sessions for several years now. “Our workshops are very popular among people dealing with cancer. After this overwhelming year, my participants and I wanted to share this moment of well-being with the entire povince of Quebec.” — Claude Couture, certified Laughter Yoga instructor at the QCF.

Artists get involved

The Quebec Cancer Foundation would like to thank the many artists and influencers who agreed to take part in promoting the event. “Without their participation, Le Grand fou rire would not have been possible. On behalf of the Foundation, I would like to thank our spokesperson, Guylaine Tanguay and our former spokesperson, Bruno Pelletier, as well as Stéphane Crête, Sylvie Moreau, and all those who agreed to share in the event. Finally, it is impossible to ignore the flamboyant contribution of Rita Baga who was able to brighten the event and guide us through it all with such consummate ease, with alongside to our Laughter Yoga coach Claude Couture,” said QCF General Manager, Marco Décelles.

In addition to its Laughter Yoga workshops, the Quebec Cancer Foundation offers a multitude of activities and services to its beneficiaries. For more information, visit www.cancerquebec.com

To register for a laughter yoga session, call 1-800-363-0063.

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