The Hôtellerie in Quebec City is finally opened!

On November 15th, for World Philanthropy Day, we had the great joy of welcoming our first residents in our 6th Hotel, in the heart of Quebec City.

 Foundation employees, volunteers and partners are thrilled:

“This project is the culmination of the unflagging efforts of everyone involved. To see the Hôtellerie closer to completion with every new day and to know that it will help those in need is a harbinger of hope, not to mention immensely rewarding.” Marco Décelles, Executive Director of the Quebec Cancer Foundation

A solution to a variety of real challenges 

People with cancer who live in outlying areas or remote regions and must undergo oncology treatments at the CHU de Québec will benefit greatly from these accommodations, designed to help guests focus on what’s most important.

Located on avenue de Vitré, near Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus, the Hôtellerie provides accommodations at a very reasonable cost. Guests can choose to stay a single night, several days or even a few weeks. Moreover, people with cancer who live in Québec City and the surrounding area can avail themselves of various services offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation, including massage therapy, kinesiology, art therapy, wig and hairpiece lending services, etc.

The Quebec Cancer Foundation’s Hôtelleries are more than simple hotels. They are facilities transformed into true living environments by the warmth, compassion and vision of staff members dedicated to bringing joy and hope to guests. They are also places where mutual support is a constant and victories and triumphs, a regular occurrence. Every day, Hôtellerie guests who are receiving medical treatments reap the positive benefits of complementary therapies.

The Quebec Cancer Foundation, an organization where parties converge in support of a cause that touches 1 out of every 2 Québecers

Boasting 48 rooms and 81 beds, the Hôtellerie in Québec City is the largest facility of its type in the network. To have yet more of an impact, the Foundation has joined forces with numerous other associations, among them Maison Albatros and the Fondation de la greffe de moelle osseuse de l'Est du Québec. In fact, a number of people waiting for a transplant are already being lodged in a secure apartment in our building.

The Quebec Cancer Foundation, with the objective of helping as many Québecers as possible by directly impacting people who are suffering, has never hesitated to make these accommodations available to other organizations in need.

The Quebec Cancer Foundation has, since its establishment in 1979, offered over 535,000 nights of accommodations throughout the province. 40 years later, cancer is still rife, and a growing number of people are turning to the Foundation for support and assistance.
Click here to learn more about the Hôtellerie in Québec City.


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