​ÉkiSanté, Kinik and the Pavillon du cœur Beauce-Etchemin are joining forces with the Quebec Cancer Foundation to offer specialized kinesiology services for people with cancer. Thanks to these partnerships, Quebecers facing this disease will now have access to free physical activity sessions adapted to their needs.
Also, in the interests of safety and reducing the stress related to transportation, the Quebec Cancer Foundation is also offering online kinesiology sessions via the Zoom platform. In addition to breaking the isolation that is particularly burdensome in these exceptional times, these workshops have tangible, positive results on the physical and mental well-being of people affected by cancer. In this regard, one young woman suffering from breast cancer has kindly shared her experience with the online kinesiology workshops:
When I found out that a kinesiologist could accompany me via the Zoom platform, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. It's a fact: cancer and the various treatments that come with it are a source of stress. But physical activity is one way to get rid of it. The exercises proposed by my kinesiologist, Kathryne, allowed me to let go of this emotional load. Thanks to her advice and guidance, I have regained my balance and gradually resumed my sports career. says Julia, a beneficiary of our services in Gaspésie.
The benefits of kinesiology are widely recognized by the scientific community. The physical activity programs offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation in partnership with ÉkiSanté, Kinik, and the Pavillon du cœur Beauce-Etchemin  promote, among others:
  • better tolerance of treatment side effects,
  • increased energy overall,
  • healthy lifestyle habits,
  • better management of anxiety and depression,
  • greater muscle flexibility. 
The activities worked like an antibiotic against stress. They also made me feel that I was regaining control of my body, which has undergone numerous attacks in recent months.” says Claudette, who has breast cancer.
The Quebec Cancer Foundation was the first organization to offer free kinesiology to people with cancer. We began offering this service in our Regional Centres and, in response to the enthusiasm expressed by participants, we joined forces with strategic partners on the South Shore (Kinik), the North Shore (ÉkiSanté), and now in Beauce (Pavillon du cœur Beauce-Etchemin). This triple association is a tangible expression of our desire to be closer to people by providing concrete support to all Quebecers affected by the disease, regardless of their type or stage of cancer, their history or where they come from. says Marco Décelles, Director General of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.
Since its inception, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has come to the aid of more than half a million Quebecers.


To learn more about ÉkiSanté, visit votrekinesiologue.com
To learn more about Kinik, visit kinik.ca
To learn more about the Pavillon du cœur Beauce-Etchemin, visit coeur.ca

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