​It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Mr. Marc Bourgeois. It goes without saying that the Quebec Cancer Foundation has lost an inestimable treasure. Mr. Bourgeois was President of the Norman Fortier Foundation, which has always shown immense generosity towards our own Foundation. In recognition of the Norman Fortier Foundation's exemplary contribution, we appointed him a Governor Member in 2018. 

Today, we salute the memory of this exceptional man. It will forever be imprinted, not only in our hearts, but also in the history and culture of the Foundation. All our employees and the members of the Board of Directors join in paying tribute to him.
As President of the Norman Fortier Foundation, Mr. Bourgeois worked tirelessly for the cause of cancer, in particular by strengthening his association with the Quebec Cancer Foundation. His exemplary commitment enabled us to maintain our essential accommodation, information and support services for Quebecers with cancer and their loved ones. Also, of all the notable achievements made possible by the Norman Fortier Foundation, we would like especially to mention the therapies we offer to complement the medical protocols, such as massage therapy, art therapy and kinesiology, which are now accessible to ever more people throughout Quebec. Needless to say, these services play an essential role in the lives of those affected by cancer!
Beyond all these accomplishments, we want to emphasize that Mr. Bourgeois was a man with a huge heart who possessed all the qualities of excellence, humanity, integrity and warmth that embody the very essence of the Foundation. The bravery and dedication he showed in serving and supporting people affected by cancer were beyond measure.
In 2014, we decided to pay tribute to the great Norman Fortier Foundation by naming our Montréal accomodation centre the Norman Fortier Lodge.
We thank you, Mr. Bourgeois, for everything you brought us. The Quebec Cancer Foundation offers its most sincere condolences to your wife Andrée, to your daughters Dominique and Caroline, as well as to all your family and loved ones. In these particularly painful times, our most sincere thoughts are with them in their ordeal.
Michel L. Lesage, Eng.
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Quebec Cancer Foundation
Marco Décelles, CPA, CMA
Director General of the Quebec Cancer Foundation

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