Ever since the pandemic was first announced last March, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has been redoubling its efforts to find creative solutions that will enable it to continue supporting Quebecers with cancer and their loved ones. The services we offer have been revamped to ensure that they are maintained as fully as possible. The charity events have also been reinvented in order to adapt to the current context. Following is a brief overview of the changes that have already taken place, or will do so in the near future, along with a number of new features.

Return of complementary therapies

First of all, the Quebec Cancer Foundation is particularly pleased to announce the return of all the complementary therapies in our five Regional Centres in Montreal, Québec City, Sherbrooke, Gatineau and Trois-Rivières.
Resumption of massage therapy

Since September 14, in every one of our accommodation centers, people affected with cancer have once more been able to benefit from massages given by our therapists who are specialized in oncological massage and certified by the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes.
The physiological and psychological benefits of these massages are unquestionable, and are widely recognized by the scientific community. Among other things, they reduce many of the symptoms associated with cancer, while enhancing level of relaxation, quality of sleep and immune system response.
To learn more about our specialized services in oncological massage therapy, or to make a reservation, click here.
Resumption of art therapy and kinesiology 

Last June, the Quebec Cancer Foundation announced the return of its art therapy workshops and kinesiology sessions in all its Regional Centres to the great delight of our beneficiaries.
To learn more about art therapy, or to register for a session, click here.
For Kinesiology, click here.
Why not try remote therapy?

Since May, art therapy workshops and personalized kinesiology assessment sessions have been offered online via the Zoom platform.
On this topic, we asked Monica Séguin, a great fan of art therapy, to tell us about her experiences with virtual art therapy.
“Despite the physical distance involved and the fact that we are separated by screens, I am amazed by what I see happening. It's powerful and undeniable: the human dimension is communicated as strongly as ever, in all its complexity.” she says.
According to Monica, the benefits of such a support group are undeniable, even at a distance. “We share the same illness, the same fears, the same questions and, thanks to the expertise of the art therapist, a beautiful synergy has developed between the participants.” she adds. 

Reinventing our charity events has been quite a challenge

This year, almost everything in Quebec is in virtual mode. Except for cancer. That’s still very real! The Quebec Cancer Foundation has no choice. It has to maintain its fundraising activities if it is to be able to pursue its mission. 
In the last few months, creativity has been the order of the day when it comes to reorganizing our various events! 

The Grand défoulement Walk, or rather, the Walk-at-home

The aim of the Grand défoulement is to bring together everyone who wants to express their solidarity with people who are currently going through, or have gone through, the ordeal of cancer. This event presents not only a precious opportunity for getting together and celebrating life, but also a source of revenue that is essential for ensuring the continuity of the Foundation's services.

To enable Quebecers to take action now from the comfort of their homes or from their neighbourhoods, and in the face of the uncertainty created by the pandemic, the Foundation has launched “La marche de chez toi ”.

To mark the end of all the marches and to thank all the participants and donors, the Foundation is organizing a virtual spectacle on October 24, 2020.

So don’t delay: register here.

Cancerto fundraising evenings reinvented

At either the event venue itself, or at the location of your choice, you will be able to enjoy live musical performances, in totally assured safety and comfort.

Thanks to virtual access, this year the Foundation is also offering a 360 experience: the chance to view all the Cancertos in the province via webcast; this will permit you entrance to every Cancerto show in every corner of Quebec, just as if you were there in person!

Offer comfort and hope
to the thousands of Quebecers affected by cancer by joining us at the Cancerto fundraising evenings. Reserve here.

New directory of online resources

In an effort to make its services more accessible, particularly in these times of social distancing, the Foundation has set up an online resource directory. Find answers to your cancer-related questions at any time and in no time at all!

Visit the Quebec Cancer Foundation's online resource directory at services.fqc.qc.ca and make sure to tell everyone you know about it.
So as you see, faced with this health crisis, the Foundation has rolled up its sleeves and stood firm so as to maintain its services and continue to be close to people. In a short period of time, it has managed to innovate how it does things while continuing to offer the best possible service to Quebecers affected by cancer and their loved ones.

More than ever, people with cancer and their loved ones need us.

Let’s continue to ensure our support to everyone dealing with cancer.

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