Le Grand défoulement plus de 155 000 $ amassés

To show a unified front, the Foundation has decided to converge its regional Facebook pages to its provincial Facebook page, featuring consolidated yet diversified content. As a result, the Mauricie, Quebec City, Outaouais and Estrie pages will therefore publish the same content as the provincial page, in addition to some local elements, as of September 2017.
As we are such a dynamic team across the province, we will ensure the publication of an amalgam of provincial and regional content.
The advantages of signing up:
  • You’ll never miss exciting news affecting the regions and the province .
  • You’ll have access to a variety of posts (events, testimonials, services, acknowledgements, fundraising events, volunteer opportunities).
  • You’ll receive the most accurate information on all our services, including the Programme à Félix.
  • You’ll get up-to-date news on cancer through articles and reports. 
If you do not already follow us on Facebook, and want to stay abreast of all the latest information – both regional and provincial – join our provincial page at facebook.com/fqcancer/. Sign up now and join the Foundation online community! 

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