​On November 3, close to 650 people gathered in the Palais Montcalm for an event presented as part of Cancerto. The event, which featured a cocktail reception followed by a highly emotional performance delivered by the Orchestre du Septième Art, raised $58,000 net. These people had all come together in a show of solidarity for the Foundation's programs and services, which every year provide support to thousands affected by cancer, not only in Quebec City, but throughout the Province.
The Quebec Cancer Foundation wishes to thank everyone who contributed so generously to the success of the evening. Among them, the honorary presidents Stéphane Dubé, general director of Caisse des Chutes Montmorency, Jacques Laurin, general director of Caisse de Sainte-Foy, Martin Leclerc, general director of Caisse de La Côte-de-Beaupré, the business and medical community as well as the people of Quebec City, who together demonstrated such great solidarity. “We are blessed to have you on our side. Cancer overturns lives. Thanks to you, the Quebec Cancer Foundation is able to accompany, reassure, inform and above all, provide everyday care to people dealing with cancer,” said Ms. France Locas, director of Quebec Regional Centre.
Since its creation in 2012, the Cancerto series has raised over $2 million province-wide. The funds raised have allowed thousands of people impacted by the disease to access the services and programs that promote their wellbeing on a daily basis. Cancerto, which is presented in a variety of formats in Sherbrooke, Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau and Trois-Rivières, is intended as a celebration of life delivered through an array of performances, magical moments and unique meetings that pay tribute to the courage of those affected by cancer.

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