The Quebec Cancer Foundation is making good on its promise to provide greater accessibility to its services by adapting its art therapy, kinesiology, yoga and Qi Gong workshops to a virtual format.
With more than 1,000 participations in the various complementary therapy sessions offered online, it is clear that this digital shift has generated strong interest within the cancer community. In fact, the popularity of art therapy has increased considerably, growing from one session a week to four.
When the pandemic plunged the country into a health and social crisis, the Quebec Cancer Foundation chosed to offer its art therapy workshops online, via the Zoom platform. That was a wonderful opportunity for people like me who live in the regions. Here in Abitibi, the offer of oncology services is very limited. If the Foundation had not taken that initiative, I wouldn’t have been able to participate. What is more, it eliminates the stress and fatigue associated with taking public transportation. With Zoom, I travel the entire distance from within my home. says Véronique Mailhot, a beneficiary of our services.
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In addition to breaking the isolation that is so particularly burdensome in these exceptional times, the workshops offered by the Foundation have a real impact on the physical and mental well-being of people affected by cancer. One example of this was provided by a young woman suffering from breast cancer who was kind enough to share her experience with the online kinesiology workshops:
When I found out that a kinesiologist could accompany me via the Zoom platform, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. It's a fact: cancer and the various treatments that come with it are a source of stress. But physical activity is one way to get rid of it. The exercises proposed by my kinesiologist, Kathryne, allowed me to let go of this emotional load. Thanks to her advice and guidance, I have regained my balance and gradually resumed my sports career. says Julia P., a beneficiary of our services in Gaspésie.

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More than ever, the Quebec Cancer Foundation is redoubling its efforts to help people with cancer. The isolation caused by the pandemic is all the more painful when you are diagnosed with cancer. This is why our various services as well as our physical well-being and psychological support programs are so essential. says Marco Décelles, Director General of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.
Since its inception, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has helped more than half a million Quebecers.


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