The Quebec Cancer Foundation, in collaboration with its spokesperson, Bruno Pelletier, are celebrating their five-year association by producing a documentary. Throughout this time, their common goal has been to do good in the lives of people with cancer by supporting them in their day-to-day. This led to the idea of ​​making a video that would show the positive impact that not only the Foundation, but also every donor, partner and volunteer can have on the lives of those living through this ordeal.

The documentary is also a tribute to all those who support the mission of the Quebec Cancer Foundation; their contribution alleviates the burden of those affected by cancer in the most positive ways.

Drs. Pierre Audet-Lapointe and Michel Gélinas wish to thank those who help them in the Foundation's mission: "Bruno has been with us for five years now. His support is invaluable as he brings our services to more people. He offers his time and energy without counting. We could not hope for a better ambassador. We also thank the donors. Each contribution has such an immense impact on the everyday lives of Quebecers dealing with cancer."

For a clearer idea of how “this army of small soldiers,” as Bruno Pelletier calls them, manages to brighten even the darkest moments, click on this link and watch the documentary.

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