In this exhilarating period, typified by hugs, parties and rejoicing, I join the Foundation’s team to wish everyone a very happy Holiday season. Take this opportunity to offer yourself a break. Spoil your loved ones, of course! But think of yourself, too.

I will be surrounded by my own family in these last weeks leading up to the New Year. And in that time, I will also be thinking of you, you who help us to continue offering to a growing number of people with cancer, and their families and friends, the programs and services of the Quebec Cancer Foundation. Or you, who are affected by cancer.

It goes without saying that the transition into the year 2018 will not be as pleasant for everyone. There are many who will face the disease. It might be you. What helps console me in confronting this fact is the thought that many will be there, again next year, hopefully, to make every moment through cancer easier.

My most cherished wish for 2018 is that your holiday celebrations will also include an expression of kindness and generosity toward those affected by cancer.

Gratitude, peace and love to you all!

Bruno Pelletier

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