Last week, the Quebec Cancer Foundation was invited to the launch of Anick Lemay’s Le gouffre lumineux at Espace Infopresse in Montreal.

After touching the hearts of over one million people with her account of her journey toward recovery from cancer on, actress Anick Lemay has reassembled all the pieces she composed over the past year for the Quebec magazine, in which she openly and movingly shared her story and her thoughts about her breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy. The resulting book is brimming with new thoughts, untold stories and images worth more than a thousand words.
Le gouffre lumineux is written for all those who have lived with the disease, whose lives have been affected by it, or have witnessed what it can do. She carries us along her heart-rending voyage toward the light almost one year after the initial shock. What she has to say is sometimes tough to take, but it’s unfailingly good for the soul.

And this wonderful lady’s generosity does not stop there: she has decided to donate a share of profits from the sale of her book to the Quebec Cancer Foundation. The book is already available in all good bookstores and from the online store URBANIA.

From left to right: Philippe Lamarre (Urbania), Marco Décelles (Quebec Cancer Foundation), Dominic Larose (Marquis), Stéphane Abraham (Rolland),
Marie-Christine Henry (Marquis), and Anick Lemay

At the end of the launch, Anick offered her guests these closing words that testify to her great generosity:
“I imagine a day, in the not-so-distant future, when the one out of every two Quebecers who is diagnosed with cancer will no longer have to fear for their life [...] I imagine a world where there is no fear of relapse. I imagine a world where cancer is once more just an astrological sign... or a delicious seafood [...] Imagine if cancer was only that!”
Thank you so very much, Anick. Thank you for being you.


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