The Board of Directors of the Quebec Cancer Foundation and Marco Décelles, its Director General, today unveiled the organization's 2020-2022 Strategic Plan. The dynamic, ambitious plan, dubbed "Being Closer to the People", will permit the Quebec Cancer Foundation to respond even more effectively to the new challenges of the 2020s, especially given the current context.

Everyone, from the Members of the Board, managers and employees, as well as many of the Foundation's partners and collaborators, was consulted in order to arrive at a strategic plan that would include every crucial component needed to support people affected by cancer, now and in the future. Every step and initiative involved in the creation of the plan was carried out with the support and expertise of Ghislaine Clot Conseil.

This document outlines the three pillars of the strategic action plan that the Foundation will pursue over the next three years:
  • Establishing itself as a leader in supporting people affected by cancer throughout Quebec;
  • Developing its service offer to meet new, emerging needs;
  • Diversifying its sources of funding.
The concrete measures required to achieve these objectives are presented within the strategic plan.

The plan is also a response to the issues currently facing the health care system, at a time when cancer is still the leading cause of death in the country and one in two Quebecers will face cancer during their lifetime.

It is in this context of change that the Foundation has decided to adopt this ambitious plan to equip itself with the means to continue to live up to its mission: to meet the increased demand for services for people suffering from cancer and for their loved ones.

"The active participation and passionate commitment of staff, managers, volunteers, donors and partners will enable the Quebec Cancer Foundation to achieve its objectives and remain a leading player in supporting and accompanying people affected by cancer." says Michel L. Lesage, Chairman of the Foundation's Board of Directors.

"This plan faithfully reflects the Quebec Cancer Foundation's commitment to assuming its role as a leader in supporting and accompanying people affected by cancer […]. The Quebec Cancer Foundation, cognizant of changes in the health care sector, aims at being an organization that is capable of quickly adapting its service offer and seizing opportunities to develop and position its expertise [...]. Our commitment to Being closer to the People, even in a context of social distancing, constitutes an exciting opportunity to surpass our goal of being the reference for everyone affected by cancer—in terms of support, accompaniment and comfort.” says Marco Décelles, Director General of the Foundation.

The 2020-2022 Strategic Plan is available for free consultation (in French only):

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