With every cancer diagnosis comes the uncertainty of how you can continue your studies or your job. And once the ordeal is over, there is the stress of the return to a working routine.

How do you talk to your co-workers about your absence? What pace of work should you adopt? How do you go back to school when you're still feeling the fatigue of treatment?
Our new feature in the Programme à Félix portal attempts to answer these questions and many more besides.
The Quebec Cancer Foundation's Info-cancer team, made up of experienced oncology nurses and documentalists, provides answers to the questions most often asked by young people who have to deal with this stressful situation at a time when the patten of their daily lives has been completely shattered by the disease.
This feature is intended to help young adults begin their return to working life or to school and provide the best resources available to prepare them for the challenge. The section also includes a large number of references to books and articles that deal in greater depth with the various points raised.
Since its creation in 2016, the Programme à Félix cancer15-39.com, has continued to grow, adding new information every year in order to address the ever-increasing needs of young people affected by cancer as well as those closest to them.
The portal contains relevant, targeted information, as well as tools and tips focused on their real experience, all designed to address their specific concerns, which are often different from those of other age groups. For instance, we regularly consult young adults about the choice and the tone of topics.
In 2019, over 20,000 individuals visited the portal, most of whom were between 25 and 34 years of age.

See the thematic feature Retour au travail ou aux études

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