It is with a heavy heart that we announce the death of Anthony Provencher-Lortie, a beneficiary of the art therapy workshops at our Montreal Regional Centre.

For nearly two years, Anthony was a regular participant in the Wednesday afternoon art workshops led by Lucie Sarrasin, our art therapist at the Foundation, which he infused with his legendary joie de vivre.

Last year, Anthony shared his experience with cancer in his own inimitable style in a testimonial—at once sincere and full of humour—about the Instagram account "La bande cancéreuse" that he created in collaboration with other young members of the art therapy group.

Anthony also donated his talent as a professional photographer to our fundraising campaigns.

The entire team of the Quebec Cancer Foundation offers its sincerest condolences to his partner Louise and to all his family and loved ones. Following is Lucie's moving tribute to Anthony:

"It is with very deep sadness that we learned of your passing, dear Anthony, you who held, and will continue to hold such a great place in our hearts forever. It is still difficult to believe that you are no longer with us; you are in our thoughts every day.

You were our multi-talented artist, a man who was truly generous, funny, touching, inspiring and so very open.

I remember the first time I saw you during the pilot project I led with young adults with cancer at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in the spring of 2018. You came in with a big smile on your face and you said, "Hi, I'm Anthony. I'm fine and I'm happy to be here.” You’d just had surgery and you did everything you could to be there—not just at that first meeting, but all the others that followed.

You attended every one of the Wednesday workshops at the Quebec Cancer Foundation. You participated in every meeting with great motivation, exceptional presence and attentive listening. You offered your male point of view, which was so fair and relevant, and was truly appreciated. We were all touched by the immense love you shared with your beautiful Louise, a love that will always remain alive and strong.

We will never forget you, Anthony, because we had the great privilege of crossing your path and sharing so many authentic, creative and beautiful moments with you. You have been, you are and you will always be our one and only Anthony, a wonderful, endearing, loving man. We will never forget you!

Your art therapist, Lucie Sarrasin, M.A., B.Ed."

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