The 2nd edition of the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s marches du Grand défoulement drew to a close on a wave of love, generosity and radiant solidarity.
This year, in addition to the six existing walks in Quebec City, Montreal, Rouyn-Noranda, Trois-Rivières, Gatineau and Granby, two new walks were added: in Laval, in partnership with the Maxime-Letendre Foundation, and in Rimouski, in partnership with the Association du cancer de l’Est du Québec.
More than 1,200 people marched for the Foundation to proclaim their support for people dealing with cancer. The program for these eight beautiful days included games, music, speeches, massages and murals. And of course, eight walks brimming with hope and joy of living.
Families, colleagues and friends all joined forces to raise funds and support Quebecers affected by cancer.
The walks were led by Quebec personalities such as racing car drivers Jean-François and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin, host and actor Luc Senay, and the mayor of Laval, Marc Demers, who are the Foundation’s ambassadors in Mauricie, Estrie, and Laval respectively. The marchers were inspired by the magical, touching atmosphere, filled with dynamic, soulful energy. They will no doubt always treasure indelible memories of their experience.
The granddaughter of a member of the organizing committee of the Quebec City walk fell under its spell and exclaimed that she wanted to volunteer for the Foundation. “This is the best party of my life.” she said—she’s just 8 years old.
At the Granby walk the Beaulieu clan came to support Marie-Claude Beaulieu, whose breast cancer is going into remission. “A walk like this one tonight is one of the few things you can do as a group, that you can share, when you have cancer. Even though you have people around you, you're often alone with your illness, especially after the treatments", Marie-Claude Beaulieu said.
To mark its 40th anniversary, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has chosen to be even CLOSER TO PEOPLE, because it wants to do even MORE for people with cancer and their families.
Every year, over 55,000 Quebecers are diagnosed with cancer. It is for this reason that the Quebec Cancer Foundation has decided to bring Quebecers ever closer together by creating this great solidarity movement in honour of those who have passed away, to salute those who have been cured and to highlight the determination of those still facing the disease.
With the more than $240,000 it has raised, which represents an increase of over 20% compared with last year, the Quebec Cancer Foundation can support more people, intervene more rapidly in their personal journey and provide improved support.
The Quebec Cancer Foundation would like to extend its warmest thanks to all the participants, donors, volunteers and partners for this marvellous moment of sharing and solidarity.

The Grand défoulement: a celebration of life

The Quebec Cancer Foundation’s marches du Grand défoulement is part of a vast province-wide solidarity movement: the Grand défoulement. There are three components to this annual campaign: the marches Grand défoulement, Grand défoulement dans les écoles and Grand défoulement à ma façon. Everyone, great and small, can participate by choosing the way of letting off steam that suits them best. 

You too can join in this great movement of solidarity! Come and create some wonderful moments in the company of those closest to you: GRANDDEFOULEMENT.CA

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