Today is World Cancer Day, which is dedicated to raising awareness among people and governments around the world to inspire them to take concrete action against cancer.
For 40 years, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has been giving support to Quebecers diagnosed with cancer—and to those closest to them—irrespective of the type or stage of their cancer, their age, where they come from, their status or their history.
In line with its goal of always going further to get closer to Quebecers affected by cancer, the Foundation is now equipping itself with the means to establish new projects designed specifically for them.
The Foundation is therefore proud today to announce two new services it has recently introduced thanks to a great new collaboration with the Montérégie-Centre CISSS.


On January 30, a pilot project began that will allow cancer patients treated at Charles-Le Moyne Hospital to benefit from kinesiology sessions at the Norman Fortier Lodge in Montreal. The Quebec Cancer Foundation will provide beneficiaries with free round-trip transportation between the Hospital and the Foundation.

The long-term goal is to implement this service in other hospitals, thereby permitting a greater number of patients to benefit from it.

Massage therapy

The Foundation is putting down roots even further afield in the Montérégie region, by offering chair massages to patients during their chemotherapy treatments at the Haut-Richelieu Hospital.

 "Thanks to this collaboration with the Quebec Cancer Foundation, we are able to innovate by offering patients access to complementary therapies that were previously unavailable to them. Through these projects, we not only make a positive impact on their well-being, but also show them that they have the support of an entire community behind them!" says Lyne Marquis, Deputy Director General, Social Programs, Rehabilitation and Cancerology at the Montérégie-Centre CISSS.

The quality of life of people with cancer is central to the Quebec Cancer Foundation's concerns. That is why, on this very special day, the Foundation is taking these concrete steps to improve the quality of life of people affected with cancer and their loved ones.

In Quebec this year, 55,600 people will be diagnosed with cancer.

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