This year almost everything in Quebec is in virtual mode–except for cancer, which is unfortunately still very real! Even though the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux has recognized and retained its services as essential, the Quebec Cancer Foundation still has to continue its fundraising activities. This is why the 2020 edition of the Quebec Cancer Foundation's Cancerto series must be held this year—and it will!
Exceptional times call for exceptional events.
The Foundation's Cancerto fundraising evenings have been rethought and redesigned into a virtual access format that complies with public health guidelines. Whether at the event venue itself or at the location of your choice, you will be able to enjoy live musical performances that are rebroadcast live, in perfect comfort and safety. Join Guylaine Tanguay, l'Orchestre du Septième Art, Martin Fontaine, The Hellbound Hepcats as well as a host of other surprises, in a series of memorable evenings!
This year, the Foundation is also offering its 360 experience that will transport you, via webcast, to every single Cancerto all across the province as though you were right there in person!
The Cancerto series is a major part of the Foundation's province-wide corporate campaign. This campaign makes a significant contribution to the well-being of all Quebecers with cancer and their loved ones.
The support and involvement of the province's business community is all the more important this year because the Quebec Cancer Foundation's revenues have been profoundly shaken by the crisis, and this has a direct impact on its ability to maintain its services.
Last year, the Quebec business community showed great generosity towards those who benefit from the Foundation’s services by conducting an amazing corporate campaign that raised over $1.1 million.
In the coming year, nearly 55,600 Quebecers will be diagnosed with cancer.

Join the business people and the friends of the Quebec Cancer Foundation by attending these events that for so many years have been making a difference and offering hope and comfort to the thousands of Quebecers affected by cancer.

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