In this pre-budget period, the Quebec Cancer Foundation is once more underlining its support for the “15 weeks to heal is not enough!” campaign and urging the federal government to increase Employment Insurance (EI) sickness benefits from 15 weeks to at least 50.

Since its inception, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has always stood up for the rights of people with cancer. It is continuing to do this today by taking concrete steps to assure the well-being of Quebecers with cancer by backing the initiative launched by Marie-Hélène Dubé, the “15 weeks to heal is not enough!” campaign.
In just over 40 years of existence, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has helped a million Quebecers and is the only organization from Quebec to offer assistance to anyone affected by cancer, regardless of type or stage. The Foundation supports extending EI sickness benefits from 15 to at least 50 weeks.
“Many countries, such as France[i], Australia[ii] or South Africa[iii], provide over 50 weeks of compensation. In Sweden[iv], as soon as an employee suffers a 25% drop in income, there are no limits on how long he or she can receive benefits. And that's entirely justified” says Marco Décelles, Director General of the Quebec Cancer Foundation. “Quebecers with cancer are not only faced with medical challenges, but also financial ones. The Quebec Cancer Foundation has set itself the mission of supporting them, because no one should have to choose between physical or financial health.”
When Quebecers are confronted with cancer, their struggle is not only medical, but financial. In addition to a drop in income, Quebecers with cancer also have to deal with increased expenses, such as for medication, medical travel, parking and home care costs.

Decelles asks, “Could 2021 be the year when we finally take some of the weight off the shoulders of Quebecers affected by this awful disease?”


Marie-Hélène Dubé, a tireless fighter for over 10 years 

This young woman, who herself suffered from three cancers in only a few years, decided to mobilize Quebecers to get the federal government to increase employment insurance from 15 weeks to nearly a year in the event of serious illness. A few weeks before the budget is about to be tabled, Ms. Dubé implores Quebecers to write to their elected representatives:
“The pre-budget period is THE crucial time to change the 15-week limit on sickness benefits that has not been changed since 1971!” she says. “Since I started this campaign in 2009, I have collected more than 618 000 signatures in support of changing this law; to date, I have helped introduce more than 11 bills that ask for 50 weeks, and have dedicated over 11 years of my life to advancing this critical issue. Quebecers deserve to be treated with dignity, not with mediocrity.” 
Nine out of 10 Canadians want extended EI sickness benefits.
[i]  France authorizes payments for 360 days, with a possible extension for up to 3 years:
[ii] Australia offesr 2 years of services:
[iii] South Africa, offers 52 weeks of benefits:
[iv] Sweden, has no limits on benefits:

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