Exercise has many advantages, such as increased energy, fewer treatment-related side effects and better stress and anxiety management, to name a few. Our kinesiologists offer personalized exercise programs tailored to the fitness level of each person.
  Whatever physical shape you are in, following a program of adapted exercises helps better manage the effects of treatments and of the disease. The lightest exercise, even a few minutes of stretching daily, can bring you major benefits. The program is overseen by a kinesiologist who will also propose means for adopting healthy life habits.

The Quebec Cancer Foundation was the first organization to establish and offer kinesiology to cancer patients. In coming to us, you are sure to profit from the professional service, and it’s free!

The activities that were suggested worked like an antibiotic against stress…. And that made me feel that I was taking charge again of my body, which had undergone several attacks in the previous months. » Claudette, breast cancer.

Who is kinesiology for?

The Quebec Cancer Foundation makes available these sessions for physical exercise to anyone with cancer, up to one year after the final treatment. The service targets persons who wish:
  • To improve their quality of life
  • To get into shape
  • To start moving again
  • To adopt new lifestyle habits
  • To prepare for a return to work
  • To relieve muscle tension
  • To relax
  • To improve their posture
  • And still more!

What the program offers

The kinesiology service of the Quebec Cancer Foundation proposes various options to respond to your needs. A few examples:
  • A personalized program with monitoring
  • Adapted physical activities (walks, outings, strength and stretching exercises, etc.)
  • Information and training on healthy lifestyle choices
  • Workshops to help control breathing in preparation for radiation treatment
  • Postoperative follow-up to redevelop your range of movement
  • Evaluation of posture and physical abilities
  • And even more!

The benefits

Several scientific studies have proven the benefits of physical exercise for persons with cancer:
  • ​Increase in energy levels
  • Decrease in the after-effects of treatments
  • Better management of stress and emotions
  • Reduction of disease-related anxiety
  • Anger management
  • Increased feeling of well-being through the positive effect on the core moods
  • Better muscular flexibility
  • And still more!

Our kinesiologists

Our kinesiologists are professionals in physical health trained to work with cancer patients. Kinesiologists do not do manipulations; they, rather,  use movement for the purpose of prevention, treatment and performance. Their objective is to enable you to discover the joys of physical activity and all the benefits that it produces. Listening to your needs, they can propose exercises for you, which are adapted and accessible.

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