People with cancer can contribute to research by participating in a clinical trial.

Clinical Trials

A clinical trial is a study carried out by a research physician in collaboration with people with cancer in order to evaluate a potential treatment or new medical technique. The cancer drugs that exist today have been evaluated in clinical trials to ensure that they are both effective and safe for cancer patients.

Hundreds of oncology clinical trials are under way across Quebec, including outside major urban centers.

Visit the OncoQuébec site to find a oncology clinical trial in Quebec.

Who is it for?

There are clinical trials for different types and stages of cancer. Clinical trials may be proposed especially if:
  • You have just been diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer
  • You have cancer and are no longer responding to available treatments
  • You are in remission, but are at risk of your cancer recurring
  • Your cancer could spread to other parts of your body
  • You have just been diagnosed with a rare, aggressive cancer or one that is difficult to treat

Interested in participating in a clinical trial?

Find out about clinical research in Quebec and read the testimony of a patient who shares his journey and experience as a participant in a clinical trial (in French only).

If you would like to learn more about oncology clinical trials in Quebec and consider whether participating in a clinical trial might be an option for you, please visit the website of our partner Q-CROC.


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