Your donations are source of strength and courage!

They help to reassure, to support, to inform, to accommodate, but above all to give hope to those living with cancer. Your support is so precious; thank you!


You reduce stress and anxiety

$100 allows 4 people with cancer to receive a massage during their chemotherapy sessions.


You offer lodging

$50 provides 1 person with cancer with one night’s accommodation near an oncology centre (including meals and transportation).


You support wellness

$20 allows 2 people with cancer to participate in an art therapy workshop.


You reduce discomfort
$10 allows 1 person suffering from cancer to participate in an adapted physical activity group session with a kinesiologist.


Fernand Gilbert

I consider myself an accomplished artist.

I’ve played the harmonica since the age of seven, and I’m not embarrassed to go on stage to give a show. Not embarrassed at all -- but a little nervous all the same.

Sébastien Deschesnes

“A beautiful encounter during my chemo.”​


Marie-Claude Belzile

"When I'm at the Foundation, I feel encouraged to do what does me good."


Gabrielle B.

My name is Gabrielle. I’m 23 years old and I volunteer for the peer matching telephone service at the Quebec Cancer Foundation. Readmore

Your donations enable us to reassure, support, inform, lodge and, especially, instill hope in those who find themselves vulnerable in the face of cancer. Your help is indeed precious to us. Thank you!