Your donations are source of strength and courage!

They help to reassure, to support, to inform, to accommodate, but above all to give hope to those living with cancer. Your support is so precious; thank you!


You reduce stress and anxiety

$100 allows 4 people with cancer to receive a massage during their chemotherapy sessions.


You offer lodging

$75 provides 1 person with cancer with one night’s accommodation near an oncology centre (including meals and transportation).


You support wellness

$20 allows 2 people with cancer to participate in an art therapy workshop.


You reduce discomfort
$10 allows 1 person suffering from cancer to participate in an adapted physical activity group session with a kinesiologist.

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Lucie Marcotte

Lucie Marcotte

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 49 years of age, there was a break in my life. It seemed to me that body and soul were going through it together.

From pain to lightness

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 49 years of age, there was a break in my life. It seemed to me that body and soul were going through it together.

I found myself at the Regional Centre of the Quebec Cancer Foundation in Quebec City, seeking to borrow a hairpiece, and I left with my new hairstyle and a first appointment for a massage therapy session.

I had never had a massage and I was expecting anything but what I got. So refreshing! It should first be said that the chemotherapy had made me feel as if a 10-wheel truck were parked on my body. It was total discomfort.

I was very well received by Hélène Mailloux, my massage therapist, on my very first visit. Thanks to her listening ear and her expertise, I immediately felt a relationship of trust developing between us.

You know, when you are with the family, you don’t always dare to complain of your pains; you don’t want to be feeling sorry for yourself. With Hélène, talking was easy and empowering. She understood what I was experiencing; I did not need to explain the state I was in or to hold back my emotions. It was first and foremost therapy and then massage!

The effect of a massage is immediate. After several sessions, I had the feeling that my shoes were too big for me, because I felt so much lighter! The massage not only relieved my pain, it calmed my stress as well. And I felt understood and encouraged.

The massage therapy service offered by the Foundation was a tremendous blessing for me in many ways throughout my treatment period and I recommend it today to anyone facing cancer.

Lucie Marcotte, 51 years old, Quebec City

La bande cancéreuse

Dealing with cancer... one joke at a time!


Stephan Lavoie

“Nowhere have I found anything to compare with the human contact I received at the Foundation.”

Pascale Voyer – Perron

“The group dynamics were extraordinary. And despite being the youngest walker, I felt welcome and accepted.”

Your donations enable us to reassure, support, inform, lodge and, especially, instill hope in those who find themselves vulnerable in the face of cancer. Your help is indeed precious to us. Thank you!