Thank you for your pledge to the Quebec Cancer Foundation! Your support will make it possible for us to offer our services to more people throughout Quebec who are living with cancer.

Here are some points to consider before starting to organize a fundraising activity. Good planning assures success and helps avoid unpleasant surprises.

Choose a concept

Chat with your friends, family or colleagues to help you come up with the activity formula that suits you best. Decide on the financial targets you want to attain, the networking required, the available resources and the time you have to devote to it. You must submit the completed form to the Foundation before starting your event. If you need help, please contact the Regional Centre nearest you.

Plan your event calendar

Make sure not to hold an activity at the same time as a similar event in your area that would compete directly with yours. After fixing the date of the event, identify all the steps involved to ensure that everything goes as planned. This will allow you to organize the human resources needed to support you at every stage.

Plan your budget

Identify all your income opportunities. In addition to ticket sales or contributions from participants, find out whether stores or businesses might agree to sponsor you with money or goods. List all the expenses incurred by your event, including advertising.

Take an inventory of equipment

Identify all the equipment you need to prepare your activity (food, drinks, chairs, tables, technical equipment, registration forms, first aid kit, etc.)

Get the permits

If you plan to offer alcohol or have a draw, it’s up to you to get the permits by contacting the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ).

Decide where the activity is to take place

Consider the accessibility of the site of your event and get the required permissions from the city, if necessary.

Define your target audience

Identify the groups of people likely to be interested in your activity and set up a diversified sales committee that knows how to communicate with your target audience.

Prepare your promotion and visibility plan

Talk about your event to as many people as possible. Tickets, texts and promotional materials can help. We would be proud to see our logo and name appear on the event documents, once approved. We can also provide other equipment, such as banners.

N.B. Any publicity for the event - print (newspapers, posters, communications tools) and electronic media (radio, TV, Web, Facebook) - must be approved by the Quebec Cancer Foundation.


Make sure your fundraising drive is on schedule and obtain the names and addresses of your donors if tax receipts are provided. Confide the task of collecting funds and keeping track of finances to someone you trust. Be sure to verify eligibility for receipts for tax purposes and to validate the amount received beforehand with the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

N.B. The Quebec Cancer Foundation will not advance any funds to help stage the event, and is not responsible for any commitments made by the person or persons responsible for it.

Submitting funds to the Quebec Cancer Foundation

All monies raised by cash or check must be remitted to the Foundation within 30 days of the activity.

We hope these tips will be useful in preparing your event and wish you every success. The Foundation looks forward to receiving the submission for your project.

Thank you!

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