December 2018

​This holiday season, there's no need for paper or ribbon to give people affected by cancer the perfect gift. Give them access to chair massage during their treatments, a program that the Quebec Cancer Foundation can deploy thanks to you. In addition, all donations made to the Foundation by the end of the year will be doubled. Let's wrap ... everything that feels good!
At first, some patients are reluctant. "I do not need that," say the men. But seeing the soothed smile of those who, nevertheless, leave treatment, the idea makes its way. Why not, finally, afford a small 20 minutes of well-being to turn a difficult moment into a moment of relaxation?
At the end of the day, you will understand that these time slots fill up very quickly ...
Yes, the chair massages of the Quebec Cancer Foundation are very popular on the floors of cancerology where our massage therapists, specially trained in oncology, already practice.
And today, your donation will allow us to reach even more people with cancer by expanding our program to several other hospitals across the province.
Our goal: eight centers to start. But who knows how much in a few years?
This new program is particularly important to me because it will allow us to serve new territories. Most importantly, it will allow us to go where people are, at their place of treatment, just when they need this comforting human touch the most.
As the holidays approach, I invite you to make a donation to offer this service to the people in your area. This is a gift that will benefit both you and those who will receive it.
Marco Décelles
Director General