Closer to people.

In Quebec, one out of every two people will get cancer... and invariably, those around them will be deeply affected too. This means that everyone in Quebec will require support through times that are disrupted by cancer. Until a cure is found, cancer will be part of every Quebecer’s life. 

Work, sleep, family… cancer: life has to go on… We have to stay positive and make the daily routine as easy as possible. While other organizations are involved in research and providing services adapted to specific types of cancer, the Quebec Cancer Foundation is the only organization in Quebec that helps all Quebecers with every type and stage of cancer, regardless of where they live, or how old they are.
Now you understand why your support for the Foundation is so important.
All of the Foundation's services, from information, lodging, transportation, complementary therapies or support groups, have been designed to support patients and lighten their load.
With you by their side in 2020, the Foundation can be ever closer to people. It will continue to listen, to better understand and support them through every stage of the disease, whether this is their first, second or even their third cancer, with everything that implies. Whether during their treatment or afterwards, and upon their return to a life that will never be the same again.
Yes, cancer is relentless, but medicine is catching up. And thanks to your donations and your energy, our movement continues to move forward to ensure that our parents, our children, our neighbours, our friends and our colleagues will be even better supported if they one day have to face cancer.

On behalf of the half a million people that the Foundation has accompanied in its 40 years of existence, and of all those it will accompany tomorrow, thank you for letting us get closer to people

​Dr. Guila Delouya has an important message for you

"The latest Canadian cancer statistics came out last fall, and I’m writing this because I already know we’re going to need you. In fact, more people than ever will be affected by cancer. In Quebec, it is estimated that 55,600 Quebecers will have been diagnosed by the end of the year. It will still be a tough journey for those who have to undergo cancer treatment—in spite of inspiring technological advances and the extraordinary goodwill I witness every single day. I firmly believe that to contribute to the success of their treatment, the person concerned must first of all commit to it in order to participate actively in the process and see it through to the end. And that is why I could not hope for better allies than the Quebec Cancer Foundation and you, who so generously support its services through your donations. But while medicine has to remain at the cutting edge of technology in order to detect and treat more, faster and better, the Foundation also has to remain at the cutting edge of empathy. By listening to the needs of people on the ground. By innovating with new services. By offering personalized support based on each individual story. Supporting more people, coming to their aid even sooner after the diagnosis is announced and providing them with even better support: this is what your donation to the Quebec Cancer Foundation will allow us to do."

Dr. Guila Delouya
Radiation oncologist at CHUM
Member of the Board of Directors of the Quebec Cancer Foundation