1 out of 2 Quebecers will face cancer in their lifetime

Just as we do every year, the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s corporate campaign is appealing to the business community and the population of Quebec to support its programs and services on behalf of people living with cancer.

The needs are many: 1 out of 2 Quebecers will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime.

Fortunately, the energy and the will to respond are there. But only together will we be able to remain strong against cancer. Let's give these people the means to be stronger in facing this disease.
Dr. Philippe Sauthier, gynecologic oncologist at CHUM and board member of the Quebec Cancer Foundation, explains why it is so essential to support the Foundation and the thousands of Quebecers who will be knocking at its door this year:
"Yes, cancer is scary. But the time is past when a diagnosis automatically meant a death sentence. It's a fact: 1 out of 2 will be affected by cancer during their lifetime. On the other hand, over 60% of those diagnosed will survive more than 5 years. And all these people need help. This is why the Quebec Cancer Foundation exists. It helps people to live better with cancer. It ensures that their journey will be easier, by focusing more on each individual and their quality of life than on the cancer itself.
In short, it does what no one else in Quebec has done, and that is the reason why I chose it. But you’ll understand that to continue doing what it does best and to be able to meet increasing demand, the Foundation needs the generosity of people like you. That is why I urge you to fight with us in solidarity with these men and women. Together, let us fight FOR life. "
By supporting the Quebec Cancer Foundation, you open a window on the future for thousands of Quebecers!