Closer than we think

From the beginning of the pandemic, the Quebec Cancer Foundation's accommodation services and its Info-cancer Services have been declared "essential services" by the Government. Consequently, they have been maintained, even improved, in compliance with the health measures in force.
In the past year, the Quebec Cancer Foundation opened a new Lodge in Lévis, the Maison Dessercom.
In order to offer answers at any time of the day or night to as many Quebecers as possible, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has launched an online directory that lists over 2,200 resources available across Quebec.
In addition, a growing number of complementary therapies offered at the Foundation have been converted to virtual format. And this will continue! Our commitment to offering support on a daily basis involves adapting to the new reality.
With your support, the Foundation will use every means at its disposal to remain focused on its mission.
Thanks to your donations, the Quebec Cancer Foundation will be able not only to maintain its various services, but also to improve its programming. Giving to the Foundation also means helping break the isolation of people dealing with cancer, whether near or far, by offering them information, psychosocial support and wellness.
This year, more than ever, let's give ourselves the means to transform this human connection into resilience in the face of cancer.

​“Thank you for supporting us!”

- Nicole Moreau, Pascal Morin, Ghislain Houle, and the thousands of others who have benefitted from the Quebec Cancer Foundation's services

“Where can we find hope in the current context that does not allow us to go outside or even have visits from our loved ones?  I found support in a voice at the end of the phone, thanks to the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s telephone peer matching service. It’s so reassuring to be able to talk with someone who has gone through the ordeal you’re going through. Thank you for supporting the Foundation.” - Nicole Moreau

“How fortunate we were that the Quebec Cancer Foundation was there to receive us!  We packed our bags, and for three whole months, we profited from the personalized support that made our ordeal a little sweeter. It was with a tear in our eye that we said goodbye to this second home.” - Ghislain Houle 

“I used the kinesiology and massage therapy services offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation. Their professionals, with their experience in oncology, easily responded to my needs and guided me towards activities that did me so much good during my chemotherapy treatments. Thank you for the support you give us.” - Pascal Morin

In 2020, here's how we got closer: 


Amid all these uncertainties, one thing remains certain: cancer continues to impact many Quebecers. That is why we continue to offer our accommodation services to those undergoing treatment. Our Info-cancer services also remain active.


With the opening of two new Lodges in Lévis and Quebec City, the Quebec Cancer Foundation now has 6 regional lodging centers across the province! With its 270 beds across Quebec, the Foundation will now have a capacity of 35,000 overnight stays per year to accommodate people who live far from their treatment sites.


The online art therapy and yoga workshops were both victims of their success in 2020, obliging us to increase the number of slots per week from one to six.


More than 22,000 people visited the site in 2020, whether to consult articles or videoconferences or to reserve books.


In 2020, dozens of people participated in an online meeting, training session or videoconference with a kinesiologist, to gently help them start moving again.