Understanding what we're going through is comforting. Your help brings relief.  


I often say that being informed means being empowered. And when we are dealing with a tough enemy like cancer, we can never have enough power at hand. Being afraid, worrying and having a thousand questions about cancer treatments, how to manage their side effects and anxiety, ways of feeling better, the caregivers’ role, life after cancer and more, is completely understandable... Info-cancer Services, which include a support and information Hotline, a resource library and a telephone peer matching service, address a real and multiple need.
As a documentalist at the Foundation for 30 years now, and as a first responder for our Info-cancer Hotline, I can assure you that the needs of people who contact us have not changed: they all need to be informed, heard, reassured and supported when they face this diagnosis…

Info-cancer Services don’t only provide answers to common questions. They also meet a real need. Thanks to your support, we offer them a highly human and confidential helping relationship, at no cost.”


The people who call us can communicate in a different way than with their caregivers. We have time to really talk with them, and even create strong bonds. Once their needs have been identified and understood, we can refer them to services adapted to their situation, relevant documentation and the most appropriate resources.
The Foundation has always been very innovative in its service offer and we still are: not only were we the first French oncology information and support Hotline in Quebec, but we were also one of the first organizations to develop complementary therapy services, and to offer a resources directory, an online catalogue of documentation about cancer.

We offer a wide range of diversified programs and services that make it possible to provide answers not only to people facing cancer at any time and at all stages, but also to their loved ones. This is particularly important, since these latter can also find themselves powerless and often suffer in silence.

When we’re tired or mentally exhausted, knowing that someone can point us to THE right resource, the one we may never have even suspected the existence, is truly liberating. That is the core of Info-cancer Services.


You understand and appreciate the importance and value of our services. Thank you for supporting us by donating whenever you can!

For your support of people with cancer and their loved ones, thank you!

France Vachon
Documentalist for 30 years at the Quebec Cancer Foundation

How do your donations help?

Nearly 9,000 participations in our complementary therapies, either online or in person, in 2021
Nearly 20,000 nights spent in one of our 6 Hôtellerie facilities across Quebec
Over 250,000 visits to our Websites for the purpose of obtaining access to resources, information or documentation
Close to 3,100 interventions providing support, advice or an attentive ear, thanks to our Info-cancer Hotline

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Benefits for donor

Benefits for the Foundation

  • The decrease in postal communications will have a positive impact on the environment (by saving trees)!
  • You will receive one single income tax receipt for the total amount donated.
  • You can change or cancel your donation program at any time.
  • We spend less on fundraising initiatives (including on paper documentation).
  • We can dedicate more resources to act in the field (“boots on the ground”). This translates into more support for people with cancer and their loved ones.
  • We enjoy greater flexibility, which allows us to innovate and offer new services to better meet emerging needs and the shifting reality of cancer sufferers and their loved ones.