My wishes for Stéphanie

At the time of writing, Stéphanie Charlin, 35, has probably just begun her radiotherapy.

This, her last series of treatment since she began her program of care following her diagnosis of breast cancer, will continue until next January. She has had to quit work, undergo chemo, have a mastectomy; and as if that wasn't enough hardship to bear in a single year, life has added one more: a break-up of a love affair.
But throughout all this turbulence, this veritable tornado, she has hung on. To those she loves, to those who love her, to life, to art, to friendship, to hope. And it is partly thanks to you and to the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

Dear Stéphanie, I wish you peace of mind.

To continue to get the information that will help you know best what to expect during your treatment and beyond.
I wish you understanding.
From people who have already experienced what you are going through and who expect nothing from you but to be the person you will be on that particular day, good day or bad.
I wish you light.
Like the one you learned to play with in Lucie's group in the art therapy workshops at the Foundation,.

I wish you the support of your loved ones, who understand that it is better to say "I don't know what to say" or even say nothing, rather than not be there at all.

I wish you friends, with or without hair, who are always ready to listen to you or take you mind off things. Seriously or with a smile.

But above all, I want you to continue to choose yourself by dropping by the Quebec Cancer Foundation, as often as you need to. I know you're strong. The people here expect nothing from you. And we are there for you.


This is what I wish for Stéphanie and the 1 in 2 Quebecers who are now facing, or will one day face, cancer. And thanks to you, I know that the Quebec Cancer Foundation will be there to help ensure that these wishes come true.

With its free and accessible Info-cancer Services for people with cancer and their loved ones. With its support groups, which may take the form of a chat over coffee or an artistic activity, or with its telephone peer support program. With its complementary therapies that not only are good for the body, but essential for the heart and mind. 

On behalf of Stéphanie and all these people, I invite you today to make a special end-of-year donation. Especially since, to mark the 40th anniversary of the Quebec Cancer Foundation, UAP (NAPA Auto Parts) will increase every donation made before December 31, up to a maximum of $40,000. If you make a one-time donation, it will be DOUBLED. Or if you join the Backup Force Team, by becoming a monthly donor, $40 will be donated on your behalf.

May your generosity help people facing cancer live better with the disease. That is my dearest wish as their spokesperson.
Thanking you in advance, I wish you the very happiest holiday season.


Bruno Pelletier

Volunteer Spokesperson for the Quebec Cancer Foundation
Photo credit: Laurence Labat