February 2019

The Quebec Cancer Foundation has always been there to take care of its people.

Just like a second family, the Foundation has provided accommodation to Quebecers with cancer and their loved ones when their treatment is too far away from home. Its dedicated staff has always responded to their call and lent a caring ear to their concerns with. And thanks to generous donors like you, the doors of its centres have always been open to offer their increasingly varied services and activities to a greater number of people.

Over the years, thanks to your support, we have accompanied nearly half a million people dealing with this disease.

Yes, you read it right. Half a million people.

We have a lot to be proud of. Especially since the mission of the Quebec Cancer Foundation is unique in the Province: we are there to help every Quebecer facing cancer, regardless of type or stage, regardless of region, regardless of age.

But the fact remains that another 53,000 Quebecers will be diagnosed with cancer this year. And to help them, we know we need to do even better.  This is why, on the eve of our 40th anniversary, backed by your support, we’re getting even closer to people.

GETTING CLOSER TO PEOPLE means going beyond our five centers and lodging services, to where those facing cancer actually are. In the wards of chemotherapy centers, with our new in-chair oncology massage program. With our art therapy program for 15-39 year-olds at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. And in areas where we have never been before, all made possible by new partnerships.

GETTING CLOSER TO PEOPLE also means approaching cultural communities that are sometimes unaware of our services. Approaching young people with cancer, and accommodating their distinct needs. Approaching anyone who is prepared to walk, run, dance or juggle for the cause. And approaching the various stakeholders in the healthcare system who are best placed to refer our services.

But above all, it means being CLOSER to the daily concerns of PEOPLE. What should I eat during my treatment? What is the best way to tell my children that I have cancer? Or, how can I be there for my partner when I don’t know what the future has in store for me?

By doing all this, whether by going outside our traditional environments, by improving our services, or by being more accessible, we will not only get closer to people but we will prevent cancer taking up all the room.

Thank you for supporting us in this anniversary year by contributing to our 40th annual campaign.

Marco Décelles
Director General