In this Cancer Awareness Month, we decided to leave it up to our monthly donors to speak up and inspire 100 of you to join the movement before the end of the month.

Check out their testimonials below!

It's a human reflex. When a loved one or a friend is faced with an ordeal like cancer, you instinctively want to take on some of their burden. Or even all of it, just like any father would do for his daughter.

But in these times of pandemic, we feel more helpless than ever. Unless you’re actually living with that person, all those little things you would like to do to make their life easier—giving them a hug, doing a load of laundry, babysitting or taking them to an appointment—are off limits right now.

But there is one thing you can do. You can offer them the advice of experienced cancer specialists. Despite your good intentions, you cannot give what they can. Listening and support from people who have been there themselves. Who understand. Who know. And above all, who provide a space to express every emotion that arises, even the most painful ones.

As you’ve guessed, the way you can offer this is by donating. Everyone is called on to reinvent themselves in 2021, and we at the Foundation are among the first to do so. Your monthly donation gives you the chance to offer concrete support in another way. By extending your ability to reach out to others.

This Cancer Awareness Month, be part of the movement to ensure that no one with cancer will suffer from isolation during this difficult time. Because, despite being separated by distance, we can still be stronger together against cancer. Thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart.


Marco Décelles, CPA, CMA
Director General

They chose the monthly donation and joined the Backup Force!

“For the first time in my life,
I didn't know how to reply
to my 28-year-old daughter.”

At the Foundation, Catherine had the good fortune of joining a group of colourful young cancer patients who were all participants in art therapy workshop. Those weekly meetings were a source of strength. Catherine no longer felt alone in her ordeal. Today, she is in remission. And we’ve chosen to honour her courage by joining the Backup Force.
— Daniel Phaneuf, Boucherville, Backup Force member since April 2019

“I’m imagining a big hug,
a reassuring wave.
And I'm proud to be a part of it.”

The Backup Force is Quebec-style mutual aid at its best. It’s made up of people like you and me. And of donations—whether small, medium or large—that add up to a lot. And it makes me happy to know that some 3000 of us are now part of the movement across the province. I've been donating every month now for almost three years, and I'm not about to stop, because the Foundation didn't let me down when I needed it.
— Renée Hétu, Montreal, Backup Force member since June 2018

“Thanks to the Foundation,
we were able to maintain our energy level
until we got back home.”

The Foundation came into my life several years ago. At that time, my wife had to go to the city for treatment, but we lived quite far away. Luckily, we’d heard about the Foundation's accommodation services. The time we spent there was a great help. So a few years later, it was only natural for me to say “yes” when the monthly donation option was proposed. And after I tried it, I found I preferred this way of giving.
— Michel Lagacé, Saint-Paul-de-l'Île-aux-Noix, a Backup Force member since January 2015

Have you heard about the Backup Force?

It’s the Quebec Cancer Foundation's monthly donation program, and this year, it has an even more vital role to play. People living with cancer need more than ever to be supported and to break free from their isolation. The Backup Force is a group of donors whom the Foundation can count on over the long term to protect its essential services and adapt its programming to the new reality. Will you be one of them?

Your benefits

You’ll no longer receive any solicitation letters. You’ll be helping to save trees, and you’ll save on stamps.
By determining the amount of your monthly donation in advance, you can better plan your budget.
You’ll receive a single tax receipt for all your donations. Again, less paperwork!
You can easily change or cancel your payments at any time.

Benefits for the Foundation

We save on fundraising costs and paperwork.
We can allocate more resources in the field, so that more people with the disease and their loved ones can receive support.
It allows us to make improvements to our services and better respond to the new needs and realities of our beneficiaries. 

And above all, we can continue to be there for anyone facing cancer at any time of their lives.