April 2019 

Having had the experience with someone close to me, I know how much space cancer can take up in someone’s life. In the lives of couples and families. At work or at home. Day and night. You feel it intruding like an unwanted guest and it’s so easy to let it take over every facet of your existence.

That is exactly why I chose the Quebec Cancer Foundation. As their spokesman, I want people to know that they can count on resources to help them maintain their balance in life, even when beset by illness.

For 40 years now, the Foundation has been doing an outstanding job of helping cancer patients and their loved ones live with the disease.

To be better prepared for whatever happens. To communicate better. To take better care of themselves.

The Foundation is there to help all Quebecers facing cancer, regardless of age, where they come from, their status or their history.

But today, they need backup force. WE need backup force!

This year, 53,000 people in Quebec are expected to see their daily lives overturned by a cancer diagnosis. One in two Quebecers will have cancer during their lifetime. And these people will need a sympathetic ear, a bedroom near their place of treatment or a massage to soothe the pain...

But you know what? The Quebec Cancer Foundation is uniquely positioned to respond to these challenges, as long as it is backed up by the means to do so.
I invite you to participate in the Foundation’s 40th annual campaign by making a donation. Better yet, by signing up for its new monthly Backup Force program.

In this Cancer Awareness Month, we thank you so much for joining with us to safeguard the quality of life of cancer sufferers and their families. Because together, we can make sure that the cancer does not take up all the room!

Bruno Pelletier
Volunteer spokesperson for the Quebec Cancer Foundation

The program

There are certain things that can make us stronger against cancer...
A recurring donation, whatever the amount, will always help us do more. This type of contribution not only permits savings on the administrative costs involved in soliciting funds, but it allows us to invest more on the ground. To develop our services so that we can reach out to even more Quebecers facing cancer wherever they are and whenever they need it. In short, providing support we know they can count on ensures that we have the means to innovate and better respond to our beneficiaries’ needs.

Our Backup Force

In response to the alarming statistics, these people stepped up to the challenge by pledging to donate to the Quebec Cancer Foundation every month...

When strength is failing, that is when is the Foundation and its Backup Force are there to count on. Discreet but ever present. Generous but humble. A quiet source of strength to be reckoned with in times of weakness, setbacks or uncertainty in the battle against cancer. A group of donors who, thanks to their regular contributions, make it possible to bolster the actions and services of the Foundation all across the province, while the number of diagnoses continues to increase year after year.