! COVID-19's context !

The coronavirus has made its way into our lives, hitting thousands of people hard and shattering whole sections of our society. But we cannot quarantine people against cancer; its impact on Quebecers is relentless. While the government considers the Foundation an essential service, our need to maintain our accommodation activities and our Info-cancer Services for those undergoing treatment has never been so urgent.

More than ever, people with cancer and their loved ones need us.
And more than ever, people with cancer and their loved ones need you.

Today, the Quebec Cancer Foundation is launching an appeal to the people of Quebec because the statistics are alarming: it is expected that 55,600 people will see their daily lives turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis this year in Quebec, while one Quebecer in two will face cancer during his or her lifetime.

And with its 40 years of experience serving those affected by the disease, the Foundation is ideally positioned to meet this growing demand. But to do so, it needs more support. 

In concrete terms, what is the impact of a monthly donation?

There are certain things that can make us stronger against cancer...
A recurring donation, whatever the amount, will always help us do more. This type of contribution not only permits savings on the administrative costs involved in soliciting funds, but it allows us to invest more on the ground. To develop our services so that we can reach out to even more Quebecers facing cancer wherever they are and whenever they need it. In short, providing support we know they can count on ensures that we have the means to innovate and better respond to our beneficiaries’ needs.

Who are the Backup Force members?

They are people who have responded to the alarming statistics by choosing to act, with great determination, by committing to make a donation to the Quebec Cancer Foundation every month.

Today, more than 2,800 people give their support to the Foundation every month.

When strength is failing, that is when the Foundation and its Backup Force are there to count on. Discreet but ever present. Generous but humble. A quiet source of strength to be reckoned with in times of weakness, setbacks or uncertainty in the battle against cancer. A group of donors who, thanks to their regular contributions, make it possible to bolster the actions and services of the Foundation all across the province, while the number of diagnoses continues to increase year after year.

By making a monthly donation, you don't have to give a lot to make an even greater impact in the lives of many.

A $12 monthly donation will allow six cancer patients to have a one-hour table massage.

A $20 monthly donation will give five cancer patients access to one night’s accommodation in a lodge close to an oncology centre (including meals and transportation).

In April, be like Gilles... Renee, Michel, and over 2,800 others.

“We all know someone who's been affected by cancer. And we'd like to help those who will have to deal with the disease. To support them while they're going through it, in our own way. That's why I said yes without hesitation.” says Gilles St-Michel, of Val-d'Or, a Backup Force member since 2012.

“I’ll never let the Foundation down, because it didn't let me down me when I needed it. And the Backup Force is Quebec-style mutual aid at its best. The donations stay in Quebec. They may be small sometimes, but they add up to a lot.” says Renée Hétu, of Montreal, a Backup Force member since 2018.

“The monthly donation was a natural fit for me. It makes things easier for everyone, and it helps the people at the Foundation to increase the support they offer. And since they have a presence all over the province, my donations do quite a bit of travelling. They may not be headed to sunny destinations, but they’re travelling all the same ;)” says Michel Lagacé, of Saint-Paul-de-l'Île-aux-Noix, a Backup Force member since 2015.