Chaque année, ces soirées-bénéfice réunissent la communauté d’affaires de toutes les régions. Elles se veulent un hymne à la vie qui allie spectacles variés, moments magiques et rencontres uniques pour rendre hommage aux personnes touchées par un cancer.

Alliez plaisir et philanthropie et faites partie des précieux convives de la Fondation québécoise du cancer. Soutenez ainsi les milliers de Québé touché.es par un cancer et leurs proches. Grâce à vous, elles.ils peuvent bénéficier des services de la Fondation, peu importe leur âge, leur réalité ou leur type de cancer.

Depuis sa création en 2012, Cancerto a amassé plus de 4 M$ au profit de la Fondation.

En 2021, les soirées-bénéfice ont mis en vedette Guylaine Tanguay, porte-parole bénévole de la Fondation et d’autres artistes de renom, qui ont offert des prestations musicales mémorables à Sherbrooke, Québec, Gatineau et Montréal.  Vous pouvez d’ailleurs revivre certaines soirées Cancerto en images sur notre page Facebook.

Retrouvons-nous pour la prochaine édition de la série Cancerto qui aura lieu à l’automne 2022!
Voyage ta vie FQC

Feeling the urge to travel?

With Voyage ta vie, choose one of our destinations to embark on a human adventure that will move you and make you thrive.

Whether walking along idyllic trails in Quebec, in the Islands, in Europe or Morocco, or sitting in a lotus position, you're guaranteed to experience some unforgettable moments!

Share in the adventure with a group of passionate walkers and philanthropists who all want to push their limits, celebrate life despite facing cancer, or pay tribute to thousands of Quebecers who will deal with cancer.


Select your destination:

Retraite bienfaitrice de yoga en nature: April 28 to 30, 2023 and October 20 to 22, 2023
Défi des Îles-de-la-Madeleine: June 15 to 24, 2023
Défi des Cinque Terre: September 9 to 17, 2023
Défi du Chemin des sanctuaires: September 30 to October 7, 2023
Au bout des dunes: October 14 to 25, 2023

Get away from it all by participating in the Voyage ta vie prize draw

From January 23 to March 22, 2023

Do you yearn to travel differently? Why not reach for this dream while supporting our mission of helping those facing cancer and their loved ones?

Buy one or more tickets, at a cost of $100 each, and run the chance of winning a travel gift certificate. A total value of over $32,000 in prizes will be drawn. 


Infographie Grand défoulement contre le cancer
Join our Grand défoulement!
Whoever you are or wherever you live in Quebec, you can join! Take part in La marche du Grand défoulement and the Grand défoulement à ma façon, a provincial solidarity movement for all ages and interests.

La marche

À ma façon

Each year, our Cancerto benefit events bring the business community together from every region of Quebec. Thanks to their support, we can help thousands of Quebecers facing cancer as well as their loved ones.   

Help us make a concrete difference by participating in the Cancerto benefit evening in your region, an event that combines a musical show, magical moments and unique encounters. Cancer unfortunately affects everyone directly or indirectly, your support is essential. Together, we are stronger against cancer.

Stand with us this fall for the 2023 edition of the Cancerto series. 

Since 2012, the Cancerto benefit events have raised over $5,3 million in support of the Foundation.
Rendez-vous Gentleman
On September 15, 2016, over 450 guests gathered aboard the AML Louis-Joliet for the Rendez-vous Gentleman, a unique cruise in behalf of the Quebec Cancer Foundation. The innovative, gentlemen-only fundraising dinner generated $71,000 in support of the men and women affected by cancer and their loved ones.



Community initiatives

Across the province, people want to get behind the Quebec Cancer Foundation by organizing fundraising activities. It is thanks to their tireless efforts, their dedication and their ability to assemble a team in support of a cause which they hold dear that valuable financial assistance finds its way to the Foundation.

We are very proud to be able to count on the support of all these friends to carry out our mission in the lives of people affected by cancer. Thank you!