What is a planned donation?

Planning a donation means acting now to help future generations who find themselves vulnerable to cancer.

One simple gesture, such a great impact

Planned giving can be immediate or deferred. There are several types of planned donations that can generate significant tax benefits for you or your estate.
To support more people today, donate:
Donation of securities

To ensure essential help tomorrow make your gift by means of a:

You can create a custom fund on behalf of a loved one or in your own name that reflects your aspirations and values. You can also link your donation to the Cancer Quebec endowment fund. Your original capital would be preserved in perpetuity.

You can build the future now!

  1. Imagine how you can extend your solidarity though the legacy you leave behind.
  2. Identify the type of donation you are able to make, with the help of a financial advisor, a notary or the Foundation
  3. Discuss your project with the Quebec Cancer Foundation
We are there to guide you!
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