An endowment fund is a contribution whose initial capital is invested in perpetuity or for a period of 10 years. Only the interest generated by the investment is used to maintain the quality of services offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation in all of its centres across Quebec, based on priority needs.
The capital for the endowment fund can come from various sources:
  • Cash donations
  • Donations of securities (shares, bonds)
  • Donations by bequest
  • Life insurance policies
  • A combination of donations
  • A named fund 
You can create a named fund on behalf of a loved one or in your own name that reflects your aspirations and values.
  • The donation must be at least $10,000. It can come from a single donor, a group of donors or a family. The amount can be invested over many years.
  • A named fund can be established in the donor’s name or in the memory of someone to be honoured.
  • A named fund can also be set up following an official pledge:
    • The donor pledges a minimal amount through a bequest, life insurance policy or any other type of charitable gift.
    • The donor pledges to give $2,000 a year for five years. 

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